Our special vehicles division supplies specific equipment for outfitting and converting commercial vehicles. Now, more than ever, commercial vehicles are particularly needed in the urban world with the demands it makes on distribution and logistics. Vehicles and solutions include but are not limited to Purpose built Police cars, vans, motorcycles, buses, Crime Scene vehicles, Vehicles for special purposes (Riot Control), Ambulances, Fire-fighting vehicles and Transport solutions for large contingents or delegates.


We work closely with local automobile dealers to outfit vehicles for ‘special’ purposes. We have the ability to service and outfit any vehicle that has representation in the local market. We partner world leaders in purpose built automobiles and has extended the ability to provide such solutions to the local Law Enforcement and Military. We are building solutions in the areas of Prisoner Transport, Personnel Carriers for Riot Control, and many other vehicle configuration used by Military and Law Enforcement today.

An Ambulance.
A Police car
Armored Vehicle
Fire vehicle
Riot/ Swat Vehicle