Outdoor Range Chaguaramas

Outdoor Range Chaguaramas

AE Tactical is proud to be in participation with the Trinidad & Tobago Trap & Skeet Association, which is the oldest range in Trinidad & Tobago having been established over 40 years ago. It can also boast of being the only Trap & Skeet Range on the island. This outdoor range is nestled in the picturesque, lush Tucker Valley in Chaguaramas, a perfect backdrop for days shooting.

Our outdoor range facilitates the hosting of specific training modules that are not conducive for indoor ranges. Civilians, Law Enforcement & Military persons can benefit from these courses tailored to their specific needs and niches. Extreme Close Quarter Defense, Advanced Concealed Carry Practitioner, Low Light survival/defensive Tactics, Defensive Shotgun Operator or Vehicle Counter Ambush Tactics are just a few of these such training programmes offered at the range.

Even though we offer a variety of programmes and many bays for training, the outdoor range is such a scenic range that many visit for its recreational advantages. There is a Clubhouse where refreshments are available and on certain days members can engage in networking events catered by specialty chefs.

Outdoor Range Hours

10am – 6pm Open Range

Outdoor Range Membership

Yearly Member rate

Civilian                                                              $1,500

Active Law Enforcement & Military             $1,200

Existing Indoor Member                               $1,200
(For your First year membership)

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Personal Protective Equipment

Rental of Protective Eyewear                      $15

Rental of Ear Protection                              $20 

Rental of Holster/Mag pouch                     $20 

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Outdoor Training Courses