Our organization is affiliated with both local and international authorities for security training and development. We offer a variety of training courses and solutions which can be conducted locally or abroad. We work closely with both independent training organizations as well as those that are wholly owned or affiliated with product manufactures that we represent. For example we partner with the Surefire Institute which is the leading authority in Low Light Tactics which is an affiliate to Surefire LLC, a world leading producer of illumination tools. Such affiliations are common and as a result we can offer a wide variety of options for our customers in the area of specialized product training.


Many of our represented product lines have fully owned or affiliate training institutions which specialize primarily in training on their own product lines. To name a few, Taser, Surefire and ASP offer product specific training, at times complimentary to acquisitions of the product. Through AE Tactical any one of the training institutions associated with our distributed product lines is accessible.


An extensive network of Independent instructors and organizations has been built over the years. Instructors and schools are largely founded and operated by former Military or Law Enforcement personal, all having years of operational experience. A Varity of world class training is available though our organization.


AE Tactical also affiliates with a local indoor training facility, which houses state of the art equipment that includes a fully computerized trolley system, which allows for simultaneous training of a number of personnel. These facilities include a classroom area for further development exercises and can facilitate training on a range of weapon systems.


We present, design, and coordinate training solutions and programs for the benefit of our clients. We do such activities to ensure that our clients receive training solutions in a seamless and efficient manner.

Through our experience in the industry we have the ability to offer complete solutions for live-fire, simulation and force on force training facilities. Solutions are bespoke and are compiled using equipment and standards from various manufacturers and leaders in the industry. In addition to design and planning, we would provide service support contacts for the equipment and facilities provided, through the same technical teams that currently operate within our organization