Through our experience in the industry we have the ability to offer complete solutions for live-fire, simulation and force on force training facilities. Solutions are bespoke and are compiled using equipment and standards from various manufacturers and leaders in the industry. In addition to design and planning, we would provide service support contacts for the equipment and facilities provided, through the same technical teams that currently operate within our organization.


A variety of live fire systems can be provided which range from indoor to outdoor and mobile facilities. We can meet any requirement of any department or organization wishing to acquire such resources.


Simulation training has long been a key element in any training institution. Due to the increased cost of amunitions today, simulators are becoming increasingly common in the security industry in particular where it relates to weapons training. Simulators can be housed in almost any environment and provide a cost effective and reliable way to train and develop personnel.


Force training uses specialized equipment to simulate real life stress environments. This brings students face to face with the realties experienced in their field of operation. Force on Force training facilities have been long utilized by our training affiliates in Trinidad & Tobago, and through our years of experience we bring solutions to the market with confidence.