What are your hours of operation?2021-08-06T09:18:09+00:00

We are opened Monday – Saturday 8am – 4pm

Who can visit the showroom?2021-08-06T09:18:02+00:00

Persons with serious intentions of purchasing items. In order to purchase certain items, a F.U.L, F.U.E.C or Regimental I.D needs to be presented


If I am not a member, can I use the range facilities?2021-08-06T09:12:10+00:00

Yes you can at a Daily Rate but you must possess a F.U.L., F.U.E.C. or Regimental I.D.

Does AET assist persons to obtain or speed up the process of getting a FUL?2021-08-06T09:17:48+00:00

All authority lies with the Commissioner of Police when it comes to the granting of Firearm Users Licenses. AET cannot influence or speed up the process.

How do persons apply for a F.U.L.?2021-08-06T09:17:42+00:00

The T.T.P.S. website gives the procedure and requirements for the application of such.


What are the requirements to become a Range Member?2021-08-06T09:17:28+00:00

An individual must be a holder of a FUL, FUEC or be a member of the protective services.

What is the cost for membership and how long is it valid for?2021-09-16T20:06:09+00:00

All memberships are valid one (1) year

Indoor Range                    

Yearly Member rate    – Civilian                                                           $300     

– Active Law Enforcement & Military    $20

*Police, Prisons, T&T Defense Force, Customs     


Daily Rate                                                                                                        $20


Outdoor Range                                 

Yearly Member rate    – Civilian                                                           $1,500

– Active Law Enforcement & Military    $1,200


Existing Indoor Member                                                                            $1,200 (For your First year membership)


Memberships entitle you to special discounts and privileges.

Can a provisional holder use the range facility?2021-08-06T09:16:50+00:00

Yes! Provisional holders along with their Certificate of Competence can use our range facilities until their license expires.

I am a FUL holder/range member and I want my friend/relative to come to the facility to practice with my firearm, is that allowed?2021-08-06T09:16:44+00:00

No. Only persons authorised by the Commissioner of Police to handle firearms can do so.

If my provisional license has expired, can I use the range facility?2021-08-06T09:16:29+00:00

No. Persons would be able to resume training after renewing their F.U.L. 


Who can book a firearm training session?2021-08-06T09:16:20+00:00

Members can book training sessions by emailing @AE Tactical Training or calling 868.640.0906.

How can I get the price of a firearm?2021-08-06T09:16:14+00:00

For firearm pricing, individuals are encouraged to visit our showroom during the hours of Monday – Saturday from 8am to 4pm.

What is the mode of payment for purchasing a firearm?2021-08-06T09:15:59+00:00

Cash or Credit Card

I recently obtained my provisional license, can I purchase a firearm?2021-08-06T09:15:48+00:00

After obtaining F.U.L, persons would then be able to purchase a firearm.

What documents are needed to view firearms at AET?2021-08-06T09:15:29+00:00

Persons would need to have in their possession an FUL or a Provisional License.

If my licensed friend or relative is accompanying me at the range facility, can we both use one firearm?2021-08-06T09:13:56+00:00

There is no sharing of firearms at AET.

What training programme(s) should I attend if I recently acquired a firearm?2021-08-06T10:16:39+00:00

A. Defensive Pistol Level 1
B. Close Quarter Defense (CQD)
C. Defensive Pistol Level 2
D. Low Light Operator

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